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First name: Taghi

Family name: Khayamian

Professor in Analytical Chemistry

Address: Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan  

84156-83111, Iran   

Tel: 0313-3913273; fax: 0313-3912350      E-mail:



1. Isfahan University                                            B.Sc. in Chemistry 1976


2. Sharif University of Technology                    M.Sc. in Chemistry 1980“Investigation                         

                                                                             of Ar-N2 Inductively Coupled Plasma as

                                                                             an Atomization and Excitation source               

                                                                             for Atomic Emission Spectrometry”


3. Instructor of Chemistry                                     (1980-1992 – The Isfahan University of



4. Dalhousie University (Canada)                         Ph.D. in Chemistry (1992-1997)            

                                                                              “Electrospray as a New Sample 

                                                                               Introduction Technique for the Flame

                                                                               Photometric Detector” 


5. Assistance Professor of Chemistry (1997-2002- The Isfahan University of Technology)

6. Associate Professor of Chemistry (2002-2009-The Isfahan University of Technology)

7. Professor of Chemistry (2009- present-The Isfahan university of Technology)

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